MainsPro LITE - реле защиты промышленной сети
MainsPro LITE - реле защиты промышленной сети
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ComAp MainsPro LITE (код заказа: MAINSPRO LITE) - реле защиты промышленной сети

MainsPro LITE combines simple installation and usability with valuable mains protection. It offers essential protection against power supply to an islanded grid and is an attractive choice when vector shift and rate of change of frequency protections are not required. It represents a cost-effective solution for mains connected applications including gen-sets and renewable energy sources.

Key features:

  • True RMS measurement for increased accuracy and reliable evaluation of failures
  • Compact design for installation in restricted spaces
  • Suitability for low voltage installations
  • Simple wiring with detachable connectors
  • Two-stage over/under voltage protection
  • Two-stage over/under frequency protection
  • Floating average overvoltage protection
  • Phase supervision and CB Failure protection
  • Freely assignable variety of binary inputs and outputs
  • Event history log
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