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InteliPro SYNC - реле защиты и синхронизации
InteliPro SYNC - реле защиты и синхронизации
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ComAp InteliPro SYNC (код заказа: IP1SYNCXBAA) - реле защиты и синхронизации

InteliPro SYNC is a highly reliable protection relay designed for synchronization in parallel to mains applications, such as generators, gen-sets and cogeneration units connected to distribution network. InteliPro SYNC is an ideal substitute for manual synchronizing relay.

Key features

  • Synch check, over/undervoltage and reverse power protection in one unit
  • Over/underfrequency, Instantaneous overcurrent, IDMT overcurrent and Earth Fault protection as optional features
  • Extensive flexibility for various applications through set of optional functions
  • Display with synchroscop
  • Breaker failure protection and battery voltage protection
  • Automatic fault reset with adjustable time delay
  • Freely assignable 8 binary inputs, 9 binary outputs and 3 analog inputs
  • Easy configuration through the front panel or a PC software
  • Expandable extension and communication modules
  • Remote access
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